Corporate Policy


Swancor commits to be a respected company in green energy, environmental protection and safety, and becomes a global brand name.

Company mission

Swancor strives to " offer sustainable products and services in the fields of green energy, environmental protection, and safety, to benefit both customers and the planet".

Core value

Quality ‧ Integrity ‧ Innovation ‧ Diligent

Management concept

Customer service is of utmost importance ‧ Swancor strives for continuous growth ‧ Employees share the enthusiasm and prides in the company ‧ Environmental protection is our priority

Environmental safety health policy

Program participation by every employee ‧ Safety as top priority begets satisfaction ‧ Best working environment at all times ‧ Environmental protection-consciousness at all times

Swancor is a young company but we are growing fast into several different business sectors. With a global view,Swancor anticipates becoming and admirable company , like that 3M being well-respected , in energy saving and environmental protection fields.It is a long term task and requires persistence and endeavor . We have been accumulating knowledge from all aspects for our growth and we are working to ensure that Swncor will be equipped with industry leading technology. 

 Swancor is committed to the industries and to meeting these goals in the near future.

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