Bring New Life to Old Materials: Sunwell Carbon Fiber Composite Creates a Closed-Loop Economy Ecosystem for the Wind Power Industry

April - 09 - 2024

Sunwell Carbon Fiber Composite Corporation (SWCFC) announced today that its recycled carbon fiber mat product has been successfully commercialized and completed testing by wind turbine blade manufacturers to go into delivery phase. Such application significantly reduces carbon footprint during wind blade production, creating a circular economy ecosystem for the wind power industry.   

 Developed by mother company Swancor, the groundbreaking technologies of “EzCiclo” and “CleaVER.” make recycle composite materials possible. When parts like wind blades are decommissioned, resins and fibers could be separated out for reuse. Looking at carbon emissions, new carbon fiber in the market has a carbon footprint of 55.18kgCO₂e/KG whereas the recycled carbon fiber has a significantly lower carbon footprint of only 1.689 kgCO₂e/KG, reducing emissions by nearly 97% compared to new materials. This represents an environmentally friendly breakthrough that could benefit many.   

 Based on the EzCiclo ecosystem, SWCFC launched the recycled product line, e.g. recycled carbon fiber mat, offering new life to the old wastes. Manufactured via wet-processing technology, recycled carbon fiber mat boasts exceptional strength, modulus, thermal conductivity, and heat/corrosion resistance, making it ideal for diverse applications like conductive materials or component production. In the example of the mentioned wind turbine industry here, customers incorporated recycled carbon mat onto the surface layer of blade molds, enhancing durability and hardness. This not only improves performance but also embodies the spirit of a closed-loop economy within a single industry.