Swancor Cooperated with Ming Yang Smart Energy Group Limited to build a large-scale wind turbine blade made with EzCiclo Recyclable Thermosetting Resin and Recyclable Epoxy Pultrusion Plates

March - 22 - 2023

Recently,  Ming Yang Smart Energy completed a recyclable wind turbine blade using SWANCOR's recyclable thermosetting resin EzCiclo in Inner Mongolia, China. This first large-scale blade uses fully recyclable SWANCOR EzCiclo thermosetting resin and SWCFC EzCiclo pultruded glass fiber plate. As countries seek ways to reduce their carbon emissions and fight against climate change, this is a significant milestone for the wind industry's sustainable future.

SWANCOR EzCiclo and CleaVER are ISO 14021:2016 certified products. The recycling rate of composites made from SWANCOR EzCiclo could be higher than 95%. This certification fully demonstrates the achievability of EzCiclo's sustainable recycling ability. 

Towards carbon neutrality  

In the near future, both parties will continue comprehensive cooperation under resource sharing and win-win cooperation and work together to promote green circular economy solutions and find solutions that can be recycled and reused.