Swancor and Massload have jointly developed the world's first bicycle bottle cage made entirely from 100 percent recycled materials

March - 06 - 2024

In recent years, Swancor has been actively promoting the use of recycled materials. Alongside the recyclable thermosetting resin EzCiclo, Swancor also repurposes waste wind power carbon plates and factory scraps. Through CleaVER degradation liquid, Swancor separates and processes recycled carbon fiber for reuse. Notably, Swancor's recycled carbon fiber achieved the world's first GRS certification for 100% recycled carbon fiber last year. Moreover, in February, it obtained the ISO 14067 certificate, showcasing a remarkably low carbon emission of only 1.689kgCO₂e/KG. This stands in stark contrast to virgin carbon fiber, which emits 55.18 kgCO₂e/KG, marking a significant reduction in carbon emissions by 97%!

Swancor and the Taiwanese brand Massload have collaboratively developed bicycle parts crafted entirely from recycled materials. Following a year of rigorous testing and validation, we proudly introduced the world's premier bicycle bottle cage composed entirely of recycled materials. This innovative product blends 50% of Swancor's recycled carbon fiber with 50% recycled PA6 pallets, manufactured through an injection process to produce a low-carbon bottle cage. We anticipate commencing mass production of this environmentally friendly solution in the first quarter of this year.

The bottle cage jointly developed by both parties will be showcased at the 2024 Taipei International Bicycle Exhibition (TAIEPI CYCLE) at Massload Booth (I Zone 1211). With Massload's extensive experience in supplying components to global bicycle brands over the years, numerous international brands have already shown keen interest in this product. It is poised to be a standout highlight at the 2024 TAIEPI CYCLE.

Taiwan, renowned as the "Kingdom of Bicycles," stands at the forefront of high-end bicycle production and research and development, particularly in its central region. Whether it's a complete bicycle or a component bearing the trademark of a Taiwanese company, it symbolizes a commitment to quality. With the global ambition of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, industries across the board are investing in the development of low-carbon materials. Swancor and Massload share a common goal in this endeavor, emphasizing the vital role of technological advancement in tandem with environmental stewardship for achieving a harmonious and sustainable coexistence between humanity and the environment. Looking ahead, Swancor and Massload are dedicated to ongoing collaboration in the development and production of innovative materials.